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Recent updates are posted below, please see Events and Job and Student Opportunities for further details on these postings

April 9, 2014
1.      JOB OPPORTUNITY: Lab Coordinator, Auditory Cognition and Development Lab, UNLV
2.      SYMPOSIUM ANNOUNCEMENT / CALL FOR POSTERS: Symposium on Language and Music; Selected Topics in Sensorimotor Integration, Montreal Neurological Institute
3.      SYMPOSIUM ANNOUNCEMENT: Neurodynamics of language and music, University of Helsinki

March 26, 2014
1.      CALL FOR PAPERS: Systematic Musicology Student Conference, London UK
2.      STUDENT OPPORTUNITY: Summer School in Pitch, Music, and Associated Pathologies; Lyon, France
3.      JOB OPPORTUNITY: CIRMMT Director Search, McGill University
4.      CONFERENCE ANNOUNCEMENT: Midwest Music Information Retrieval, Northwestern University
5.      REMINDER: Neuroscience of Music V

March 12, 2014
1.      CONFERENCE ANNOUNCEMENT: International Association for Music & Medicine, University of Toronto
2.      CALL FOR CONTRIBUTIONS: Colloquium, “Improvisation and the Politics of Everyday Sounds: Cornelius Cardew and Beyond”
3.      JOB OPPORTUNITY: University assistant in Systematic Musicology, University of Graz

February 26, 2014
1.      POSTDOC AND FACULTY POSITIONS: Chinese Unviersity of Hong Kong
2.      PH.D. POSITION: Music and movement, Jyväskylä, Finland
3.      UNDERGRADUATE FELLOWSHIPS: Auditory Cognitive Neuroscience
4.      POSTDOC POSITION: Music and Audio Computing, Taiwan
5.      SYMPOSIUM / CALL FOR POSTERS: Milestones in Music Cognition.

February 12, 2014
1.      CALL FOR PAPERS: Special issue of Psychomusicology
2.      STUDENT OPPORTUNITY: Research projects on crossmodal and embodied music psychology, University of Sheffield

January 29, 2014

1. SOCIETY NEWS: SMPC conference host for 2015
The SMPC Board is pleased to announce that SMPC 2015 will be hosted at Vanderbilt University. Dr. Elizabeth Dykens has agreed to serve as conference chair, with Dr. Reyna Gordon serving as conference co-chair. More details will be forthcoming as the conference chairs make further arrangements.
The tentative dates for the conference are August 6-10, 2015, so factor that into your advance plans!
2.  STUDENT OPPORTUNITY: SMC / ICMC Summer School in Computational Music Analysis

January 15, 2014
1.      CALL FOR POSTERS: Neurosciences and Music V (Dijon, France)

January 1, 2014
1.      SOCIETY NEWS: New SMPC president, Edward Large
2.      CONFERENCE ANNOUNCEMENT: Music Mind Meaning, the Peabody Institute of Music, Johns Hopkins University
3.      PH.D. STUDENTSHIP: Musical Acoustics, University of Edinburg
4.      REMINDER: ICMPC call for papers

December 11, 2013
1.      SOCIETY ANNOUNCEMENT: Mary Farbood and Michael Schutz elected to SMPC Board
2.      CONFERENCE ANNOUNCEMENT: Music and Consciousness, Oxford University
3.      INTERNSHIP OPPORTUNITY: Queen’s University (RISE internship)
4.      M.SC. STUDENTSHIP: Music and Sound Compuing, Aalborg University
5.      MASTER’S DEGREE TRAINING PROGRAMS: University of Jyväskylä, Finland
6.      PH.D. SCHOLARSHIPS: Music Cognition Lab, University of London

November 27, 2013
1.      CALL FOR PARTICIPATION: North East Music Information Special Interest Group
2.      PhD STUDENTSHIP: (Music Information Retrieval) Queen Mary School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science
3.      CALL FOR PAPERS: Yale Graduate Music Symposium

November 13, 2013

1.      CALL FOR STUDENT/POSTDOC APPLICATIONS: Erasmus Mundus exchange network
2.      JOB OPPORTUNITY: Assistant/Associate professor in auditory neuroscience (including music)
3.      1 YEAR FUNDED POSITION: Music Engineering Technology, Miami FL

October 30, 2013

1.      GRADUATE AND POSTDOCTORAL FELLOWSHIPS: Auditory Cognitive Neuroscience
3.      JOURNAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Back issues of Musicae Scientiae digitized
4.      CONFERENCE PROGRAM AVAILABLE: Music & Health Conference and Symposia
5.      CONFERENCE REGISTRATION OPEN: Neuromusic V (Dijon, France)

October 14, 2013
1.      REMINDER: Abstract deadline for 2013 MIMM Neuromusic conference -October 15th
2.      ANNOUNCEMENT: Change of editorship, Empirical Musicology Review
3.      JOB OPPORTUNITY: Tenure track position in music theory, Tufts University
4.      JOB OPPORTUNITY: Assistant professor of neuroscience, UNLV
5.      JOB OPPORTUNITY: Administrative/Research Assistant Position, LIVE Lab, McMaster University
6.      CALL FOR PROPOSALS: 2015 Special issue, Musicae Scientiae

ANNOUNCEMENT: Change of editorship, Empirical Musicology Review

Empirical Musicology Review ( is under new editorship and has moved to a new publishing system. The journal makes use of the Open Journal System as a way of facilitating the submission of articles and the review process, and which provides more ways of accessing articles.
The current editors are Nicola Dibben and Renee Timmers. Previous editors include David Butler and Peter Keller.

Empirical Musicology Review (EMR) aims to facilitate communication and debate between scholars engaged in systematic and observation-based music scholarship and welcomes submissions with an emphasis on systematic methods, such as hypothesis-testing, modeling, and controlled observation. A wide range of topics are considered related to music and musical behaviour investigated from different perspectives including historical, social, political, cultural, economic, perceptual, and biological. For instance, the current issue contains contributions on expression of sadness through melodic interval reduction, and beat synchronisation by horses. Cross-overs between disciplines are in particular welcomed. The journal  pioneers a "Public Peer Review" practice that is intended to encourage scholarly dialog and reward reviewers for timely and thoughtful engagement with submissions. The journal is published four times per year by The Ohio State University Libraries and provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.

September 18, 2013
1.      PhD STUDENTSHIP: Aalborg University, Denmark (Machine Modelling of Musical Creativity)
2.      PhD STUDENTSHIP: Tufts University (Comparative Auditory Cognition)
3.      CALL FOR PAPERS: The Wind Project
4.      CONFERENCE ANNOUNCEMENT: Four events at University of Toronto

September 4, 2013
1.      RESEARCH POSITION: Audio communication group, Technische Universität Berlin
2.      REMINDER: Job opportunity at the University of Toronto

August 7, 2013
1. CALL FOR SYMPOSIA: Neuroscience and music V – cognitive stimulation and rehabilitation
2. JOB OPPORTUNITY: Director of music and health research collaboratory, University of Toronto

July 24, 2013
1.      CALL FOR APPLICATIONS: IEM Graz Music Residency Program 2014
3.      POSTDOCTORAL POSITIONS: Aalborg University

July 20, 2013

Call for proposals for ICMPC 2016

The International Conference on Music Cognition and Perception takes place every two years. Responsibility for the conference rotates among three major music psychology regional societies: ESCOM (which organized the highly successful 2012 meeting in Thessaloniki), APSCOM (hosting the 2014 meeting in Seoul) and SMPC, which will be responsible for the 2016 meeting. The call is now open for any interested person or consortium associated with SMPC to submit a proposal for a conference to be held in North America in the summer (July to mid August) of 2016.

Guidelines for the conference may be found here, and questions may be directed to members of the ICMPC Executive Committee. This is a wonderful opportunity to highlight researchers based in North America while at the same time hosting researchers and students from all over the world. Proposals are due November 15, 2013 and should be submitted to SMPC Secretary Peter Pfordresher at pqp <at> The SMPC Board of Directors will review proposals before passing on one (or possibly more) to ICMPC Board for discussion and approval.

Questions about organizing ICMPC may be directed to past conference organizer and current ICMPC Executive member Steve Demorest at demorest <at>

July 10, 2013
1.      SYMPOSIUM: Milestones in music cognition: A Quarter-Century Celebration of Books by Bregman, Krumhansl and Narmour

2.      CONFERENCE: Music, Mind, and Medicine: Creativity and Consciousness in Clinical Care

3.      CONFERENCE: 3rd International Conference of IAMM, June 24-27, 2014 at the University of Toronto

4.      CONFERENCE: Worlds in Collision: Music and the Trauma of War (The Musical Brain)

5.      CONFERENCE: Embodied Music Cognition

6.      CALL FOR AUTHORS: Music in the Social and Behavioral Sciences: An Encyclopedia

7.      POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE: Goldsmiths University of London

June 26, 2013
1.      Workshop announcement:  Pitch and timbre in speech and music

2.      Post-doctoral research fellowship: University of Oslo

3.      Post-doctoral fellowship in music cognition: Ohio State University

4.      EBRAMUS final conference: New perspectives for stimulating cognitive and sensory processes

5.      Revised deadlines: 10th International Symposium on Computer Music Modelling and Retrieval/Computer Music Multidisciplinary Research 2013 'Sound, Music & Motion'

June 12, 2013
1.      Conference announcement: The 1st Australian Music and Psychology Society Conference

2.      Call for papers: APCAM 2013

3.      Post-doctoral fellowship: Auditory Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory

4.      Rencon 2013 competition of music performance models at SMAC-SMC 2013

Rencon 2013 competition of music performance models at SMAC-SMC 2013

We invite you to take part in the 11th RENCON competition that will take place July, 30 in conjunction with the SMAC - SMC 2013 conference in Stockholm.

The idea is to apply computer models of music performance to a few music examples and play them on a Disklavier computer-controlled grand piano. All performances will be
evaluated by an expert panel and by the audience.

Three different systems are allowed: (1) completely automatic, (2) semi-automatic, (3) interactive.
The deadline for participation is June, 28.

More information can be found at


May 29, 2013
1.      Call for papers: Journal of New Music Research

Special Issue -- Musical Rhythm: Cross-disciplinary and Multi-cultural Perspectives
This special issue aims to group novel, high-quality research on musical rhythm. The emphasis is on interactions between scholars from various disciplines -- including music theory, cognitive psychology, neuroscience, musicology, music information retrieval, performance and composition -- and on an increased awareness of music outside the Western canon. By focusing on the presentation and discussion of interdisciplinary cross-cultural research on musical rhythm, this volume seeks to expand the horizons of
traditional music scholarship in unprecedented ways. The issue follows the workshop of the same name that was held in Abu Dhabi, between March 18-21, 2013:

Manuscript Submission Due: October 15, 2013

May 15, 2013

1.      Research Assistantship: Auditory Neuroscience Lab, Northwestern University

2.      Conference announcement: New perspectives for stimulating cognitive and sensory processes

3.      Call for music: 10th International Symposium on Computer Music Modelling and Retrieval


May 1, 2013

1.      POSITION OPENING: Technical Assistant in the McDermott Lab, Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences, MIT

2.      Call for participation: Hacking Audio and Music Research (HAMR) 2013

3.      PhD position on Audio Source Separation at MTG-UPF, Barcelona

4.      Lectureship/Senior Lectureship at the Sonic Arts Research Centre


April 17, 2013

1.      Call for papers: 6th International Workshop on Machine Learning and Music

2.      14th Rhythm perception and production workshop

3.      Research positions at the MARCS Institute, Sydney, Australia (3 positions posted)


April 3rd, 2013

1.      4th International Congress of the Society for Clinical Neuromusicology: “Advances in neurologic music therapy research”

2.      Lab coordinator position: Auditory Cognition and Development Lab

3.      Call for submissions: Stockholm Music Acoustics Conference (SMAC)

4.      Music and Science Symposium, Berklee College of Music


March 20th, 2013

1.      Call for papers: CogMIR 2013

2.      Methods in Empirical Music Research: A Workshop for Music Scholars

3.      Revised announcement: Listen up! Investigating the intersections of sound and technology

4.      Call for contributions: CMMR 2013 Marseille (15 - 18 October) - "Sound, Music and Motion"


March 6th, 2013

1.      Hearing Voices - Music and the Brain 2013

2.      Workshop on Information Dynamics of Music (IDyOM)

3.      Post Doctoral Fellowship Position in Music Neuroscience Research Now Open

4.      Registration now open for CRBLM Inaugural Symposium on Music and Language

5.      Call for participation: Northeast Music Group


February, 20th, 2013

1.      SMPC research lab directory

2.      Call for submissions to Psychomusicology: Music, Mind and Brain

3.      Call for Papers: Sixth International Conference of Students of Systematic Musicology

4.      Call for papers - Music and Voice: Expression, Perception and Induction of Emotion

5.      Call for posters: CRBLM Inaugural Symposium on Language and Music

6.      Undergraduate Awards in Auditory Cognitive Neuroscience (Summer 2013)

7.      Reminder: Abstract submission deadline for the Midwestern Music Cognition Symposium


SMPC research lab directory

A valuable resource from the SMPC website ( is the interactive map showing research labs. It is important to keep this resource up to date. If you have any updated (or new) information please send the following to Frank Russo (russo <at>

1. Exact coordinates of the lab: A street address and zip code is ideal.

2. University Name

3. City, State/Province, Country

4. Lab Director's name

5. Link to lab website.

6. Training opportunities from one of the following categories:

Green markers indicate labs with associated graduate programs in music.

Yellow markers indicate labs with associated graduate programs in psychology / neuroscience

Red markers indicate labs with associated graduate programs in music and psychology / neuroscience

Purple markers indicate labs with associated graduate programs in electrical engineering / computer science

Blue markers indicate labs without associated graduate programs


Call for submissions to Psychomusicology: Music, Mind and Brain

The journal Psychomusicology: Music, Mind and Brain encourages submissions for a special issue on the topic: "Interactions between Emotion and Cognition in Music".

This call for papers is stimulated by the growing interest in emotion and music, and by the need to more fully consider the role of cognition in emotional responses to music as well as the influences of emotional responses on cognitive processing of music.

Scholars conducting relevant research are encouraged to submit an expression of interest before 1st of March 2013, and a full research paper by the 15th of May 2013. Please see for details:

Very best wishes, Renee Timmers & Eduardo Coutinho, Guest Editors

See Events and Job and Student Opportunities for details on other postings.


January, 23rd, 2013

1. Mari Riess Jones and Bruno Repp elected as honorary life members of SMPC

2. Symposium announcement: Perspectives on music therapy and autism

3. ACN-Create Network: Announcing 2013 Undergrad Summer Awards

4. 2013 Summer Internship Positions Available (Starkey Labs)

5. Cognition research scientist (Starkey Labs)

6. AIRS Postdoctoral position- Singing Research - Focus on Digital Library Development - UPEI


Mari Riess Jones and Bruno Repp elected as honorary life members of SMPC

Congratulations to Mari Riess Jones and Bruno Repp, who have been granted honorary life membership in SMPC based on their longstanding and significant contributions to music cognition.

As per SMPC bylaws, honorary lifetime membership is granted based on a unanimous vote from the board of directors, following nomination by a majority of directors. Honorary life members enjoy all rights and privileges of regular members, at no cost.

To learn more about the research of Mari Jones visit:

To learn more about the research of Bruno Repp, visit: